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    If you are one of the many people who loves to keep up to date with the latest transport news. You can access this information and find out all you need to know on the latest news on air transportation, trucking and freight news, rail transportation and air medical transportation.

    Air Transportation

    Boeing Introduces the Next Generation 737

    This airplane is a modified 737-700C, Boeing C-40 Clipper that will accommodate air transport for the United States Navy. This version is incredibly popular for military and commercial customers due to its proven reliability and efficiency.

    Using the commercial platform for the 737 makes use of the performance, manufacturing processes and proven efficiencies of the current ‘Next Generation 737’ production  system. The ‘Airborne Early Warning and Control, C-40 and ‘ Boeing’s P-8 maritime patrol aircraft’ are amongst these military derivatives for the 737.

    The dependability and quality of the aircrafts are linked directly to the hardworking women and men who design and build them. To date, the orders stand at around 6,804 for the Next Generation 737’s and around 2,109 for the 737 MAXs. The total on the 737 orders have now passed 12,000 that include the Classics and over a 100 orders have been made for the military derivatives. With over 280 customers it becomes evident that the 737 is known to be the bestseller airplane worldwide.

    Trucking and Freighting News

    Statistics, Trends and Reports

    The industry for trucking is one of the main lifeblood’s of the United States economy and almost 70% of freight tonnage moved around the U.S is transported by trucks. Without this important industry along with the truck drivers the economy would stop. In order to transport over 9.2 billion of freight tons in a year, it requires around three million truck drivers along with 3 million ‘heavy duty’ Class-8 trucks. In addition it takes more around 37 billion in gallons of fuel to transport this massive amount of freight. To put it simply America would come to a halt without trucks.

    The latest trends for American trucking confirms that trucking is indeed the dominant factor for freight mode. The ATA invites every private and for-hire motor carrier to participate in the upcoming ‘Driver Compensation Study’ for 2014.
    The TRAC ( Trucking Activity Report) publishes a monthly publication along with to up to date information that is based on ongoing surveys for less-than-truckload and truckload carriers. In addition the ATA provides a monthly report on truck tonnage for banking or investment analysts. This report tracks trucking trends for business purposes.

    Rail Transportation

    San Fransisco is Said to Replace the LRV Fleet

    The ‘San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’ has suggested a purchase of around 260 S200 ‘ light rail vehicles’ from the Siemens Industry. This 15 year contract has a worth potential of around 1.2 billion once the SFMTA board grants approval.

    Siemens beat the rival bid placed by the CAF. These vehicles are set to be built at the Sacramento factory for the purpose of replacing the current Muni fleet of the Breda LRV’s and at the same time increase on the current capacity. The delivery for the first twenty four cars has been set to be released between 2016 to 2018. This will be around the time of the ‘Central Subway’ extension for the Muni’s T-Third line set for 2019. These new vehicles will be used for this line.

    The next 151 vehicles are set to be delivered between the year 2021 up to 2028 and an option for 85 more for the year 2040. These cars will have a life span of around 30 years.

    Air Medical Transport News

    International and National Air Ambulances, Choosing The Right One

    Many individuals tend to think that most air ambulance firms are all alike. However, this is far from the truth. Certain smaller service, usually operate on a part-time basis and do not own the high quality jets or even have their own staff. These smaller corporations rely on contract medical staff and pilots. They lease jets from specific leasing companies.
    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed on the services offered by these types of companies. Patients may be seen to by either inexperience or drowsy medical professionals who may have just completed a shift at another facility. The pilots may also not have the experience in the medical transport field, which means they are not familiar with commonly used medical routes. In addition, the leased aircraft may not be up to standard.

    Professional Air Ambulance Corporations Will Own Their Own Medical Jets

    lear_jet_on_runwayThese jets are in general business class jets and are of higher quality that usually fly CEO’s and world leaders all over the world. These types of jets have names such as Gulfstream or Lear.
    These jets are designed for efficiency, comfort and safety. Patients who fly on these jets will be treated with the utmost care. This is due to the health and comfort of the patient being the most important element for these air ambulance services. These luxury jets are really nothing like some of the amateur prop planes used.

    Two other notable advantages in working with these service providers that are critical for safer medical flights. The first would be that these companies always keep their cabins fully supplied and stocks with supplies, medication and support equipment. The second would be that these companies only employ the best professional medical staff.

  • Important Equipment on a Medical Jet Transport

    Air Ambulance Services Worldwide

    Time is of the essence when it comes to medical transportation. Most Cases consist of life or death situations that require immediate care or transplant procedures where the donated organs have a very limited time of viability.

    Air ambulance transport is an essential part of the healthcare delivery system providing safe transport for critically ill patients from all locations throughout the world. A lot of services are available in the market that provides easy and quick flights, but be certain that they are capable of handling the task for it deals with very delicate patients who requires complicated and immediate care. The air ambulance you choose must have staffs that are competent to deal with different situations and are trained to handle different cases with limited resources should an emergency occur while they are in the middle of transport and these aircraft should be properly equipped so they can perform basic and emergency procedure while on air if the need arise. These are essential for an effective air ambulance to successfully transport patients from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Air ambulance must ensure that they can address the patients’ needs in coordination with both the primary physician and medical staff as they should be able to handle different kinds of cases from the rehab facilities, long-term care facilities,  transplant facilities and anyone who cannot be transported



    Air Ambulance Equipment

    Air ambulance need to be fully equipped to address different emergency situations. Before each flight commences, all the needed equipment and supplies are inspected for complete operational standards and existence. The basic equipment on-board is:

    • Cardiac Monitors to monitor patient cardiac function while being transported
    • Defibrillators to perform advanced life support
    • IV pumps & solutions for medication administration
    • Infusion pumps
    • Oxygen for breathing support
    • Oxygen supplies, regulators and gauges
    • Pulse Oximeter to monitor patients’ pulse and capillary refill
    • Portable suction units for drainage
    • Incubation equipment
    • Respirator/Ventilator
    • Oropharygneal airways
    • Hand operated bag-valve
    • Mask resuscitators
    • Blood pressure cuffs
    • Drug box
    • Stretcher

    You should ensure that the air ambulance service that you are hiring is capable of handling any and all medical type transport services.

    Air Ambulance Medical Staff

    We deal with a critically ill patient who are in a very fragile state. They need to be handled very carefully with very competent and highly skilled medical staffs that are capable of rendering care in different situations and experienced with emergency medicine. They should also be familiar with the everyday transport of Air Ambulance patients worldwide.

    Medical Staff – When a patient is being transported on an air ambulance, it is critical that the healtchcare provided to the patient is of the highest quality and above typical standards. This is why on most flights a patient will see:

    • Doctors
    • Critical Care Paramedics
    • Critical Care Nurses
    • Specialty Medical Staff

    Typical Medical Equipment On The Aircraft

    Airgurus has invested heavily on modern medical equipment, we believe that with the proper combination of highly trained medical team combined with the latest technology in medical equipment our patients gets the best care available they deserve.



    ParaPac-Plus-310The PARAPAC 310 plus gives you the versatility to deliver oxygen therapy, CPAP, demand oxygen and mechanical ventilation all from one compact, lightweight unit. The PARAPAC 310 plus is designed for the most demanding environments: Emergency, Ambulance, Aircraft, Hospital and MRI. This ventilator is tested and approved for these extreme situations to ensure the optimum patient care can be delivered by the user. The PARAPAC 310 plus is the latest addition to the Pneupac® range offering the reliability  you expect.



    GE-iVent-201One of the most versatile ICU class ventilators on the market.

    With its comprehensive list of standard features, including the latest modes of ventilation, the iVent201 is appropriate for all levels of patient acuity, from pediatric through adult, and in all care settings, from the patient’s bedside to transport to another point of care.

    With its highly featured transport capability and rugged construction, the iVent201 takes ICU ventilation outside of the confines of the hospital. Optimized NIV and the Adaptive Flow* & Adaptive I-Time* help caregivers maximize patient comfort and safety.

    The iVent201 incorporates the entire recommended feature set for NIV including automatic leak compensation:

    • Adaptive Bi-Level* feature that enables a responsive and leak-compensated ventilation.
    • Adaptive Flow* & Adaptive I-Time* for enhanced comfort and reduced WOB.
    • Built-in oxygen blender for precise oxygen delivery.
    • Waveform display providing visual feedback on patient condition.
    • Alarms tailored to NIV.
    • Portability in an oxygen conserving design.
    • True tidal volume measurement.

    These features are found together in a transportable, MR Conditional1 ventilator that is capable of acute care support and is well-suited to your needs. The iVent201 software-based platform can be easily upgraded so it is able to offer the most up-to-date features today and in the future. Weighing under 25 lbs. (11.3 kg), the iVent201, with its self-contained turbine and standard or optional extended internal battery, is an exceptional, transportable non-invasive ventilator.



    lifepak monitorThe LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillator is the new standard in emergency care for ALS teams who want the most clinically innovative, operationally innovative & LIFEPAK TOUGH device available today. The 15 integrates Masimo Rainbow SET technology that monitors SpO2, Carbon Monoxide & Methemoglobin, includes a metronome to guide CPR compressions & ventilations & provides an option to escalate energy to 360J. An entirely new platform, the 15 is powered by Lithium-ion battery technology, incorporates the SunVue display screen for viewability in bright sunlight, & data connectivity to easily & securely collect & send patient information. Similar form factor & user interface with the LIFEPAK 12 defib/monitor will ease transition & training costs. These descriptions were originally seen published on http://www.airgurus.com/index.php/air-ambulance


    Air Ambulance Company Transports On Jets

    Air ambulance companies transport ill and injured people from one medical facility to another every day. Companies that provide this service worldwide rely on jets as the preferred method of transportation. Many different classes of business jets are used for air medical transport, but the most common are manufactured by Learjet. Now known as Bombardier Learjet, the company founded by Bill Lear in 1960, was one of the first to produce private, luxury business jets.

    The Lear 23 flew onto the scene in October 1963. It was the foundation of many other models to follow. In 1990 the Bombardier Corporation bought Learjet, and by 1995, the Learjet 60, a mid-sized jet airplane took its inaugural flight. The Learjet 60 became the largest jet produced by the company to date. It has a cruise speed of 483 mph and a top speed of 521 mph. Learjet 60 also has a range of 2,783 miles, making it the preferred aircraft for international air medical transport.

    Air ambulance companies prefer the Learjet 60 because of its spacious cabin, speed and range. It can be easily configured as a medical transport aircraft by adding medical equipment like a stretcher, monitoring equipment, neonatal baby pods, medications and more. With its long-range capabilities the Learjet 60 can reach patients all around the world.

    The newest version, Learjet 85 began development in October 2007 and is nearly ready for production. Air Ambulance companies will undoubtedly have an interest in the new aircraft. With a max capacity for eight passengers and a top speed of 541 mph, this updated Learjet has a modern cockpit filled with a suite of the latest electronics and avionics. This jet has a structure built with composite material, making it lighter, faster and more fuel efficient. With a stated range of up to 3,000 nautical miles, it will be a welcome addition to the business jet world, particularly as an air ambulance. You can read more about the jets and equipment by visiting http://goo.gl/qpNGQo

    An air ambulance is either a helicopter or airplane that is equipped with all the life saving medical equipment and supplies necessary to care for patients who are critically ill and in need of immediate care as well as medical staff who can provide care and stabilize the patient during the flight. Helicopters are usually used during the emergency situation while airplanes are used for non emergency and long distance transportation.

    Finding a specialized transportation for patients with special needs or critically ill who require immediate medical or surgical care. A lot of individuals struggle to find a suitable medical transport that will make them or their loved ones comfortable and large enough for a person who requires bed rest and medical equipment to fit in selecting the best air ambulance is crucial to ensure the highest quality care for the patient during transportation. Making sure that the receiving facility has an available bed for you or your loved one.

    Depending on the situation they can also provide any ground transportation that may be needed to get the patient to the plane.

    Also check out the available equipment in the plane making sure that they have the highest quality and advanced equipment. They should at least be equipped with a cardiac monitor, defibrillator, respiratory adjuncts, airway control devices, non-invasive blood pressure monitors, pulse Oximeters, end-tidal C02 detectors, intravenous solutions, cardiac and emergency medications portable, ventilator, medical oxygen and suction systems, and a power inverter.

    Make sure that that can provide you and your loved ones with the best care possible.

    Additional Resources:







  • Food And Beverage News For United Air Transportation

    Recently, United Airlines announced that they will be offering a brand new premium cabin dinning service on United Express airline flights beginning in February, 2015. This new service will feature new and prepared entrees that will be served on actual chinaware. Also, they will offer new and expanded meal service times for both; first and business class customers on domestic flights.

    These dinning improvements are a new part of United’s recently announced million dollar investment into in flight food service. This new meal service is likely to be introduced in different phases starting by aircraft types. The new menus will likely be available on United Express N.A flights that are operated with different aircraft at different times.

    united_plane_food_newsThis is going to offer customers more choices and more often. A lot of customers previously had very little choice when it came to both; food selection and the time at which they could eat. This is going to heighten the experience of different customers by allowing them to choose what they want to eat and when they want to eat it. There are actually new breakfast, lunch, and even dinner menus that are specially designed by a team of experienced chefs at United Airlines. These menus will be offered on different flights that happen to have a duration of more than 2 hours and 20 minutes. This means that if you are on a flight that is shorter than 2 hours and 20 minutes, you are not going to be offered these menus. Whereas, if you are on a flight that is longer than 2 hours and 20 minutes, you will receive these menus as an in-flight dinning option.

    The breakfast menus are going to include different fruit plates that can be served with either cereal, Greek yogurt, and/or bread. Whereas, lunch and dinner options are going to include two freshly prepared entree choices that are likely to also include a pretzel roll that is filled with barbecue chicken and coleslaw. Or you can get garlic marinated beef that includes pickled vegetables and a side of fresh fruit. The flight attendants are going to also serve a triple chocolate chunk cookie that is meant for dessert on both; lunch and dinner flights.

    On the flights that happen to be less than one hour in duration, you are going to receive a biscotti during the early morning flights and premium fruit and nut snacks being served on later flights. Read more about recent food and beverage news by visiting the Food And Beverage Network.

  • Does Your Insurance Policy Include International Medical Flight Insurance

    When Travelling Abroad, What Does Your Insurance Cover

    Old patient with doctors and nurseWhen most people take out a travel insurance policy, they are thinking about what they will do if they lose their passport, get sick before they leave home, or are robbed while they are abroad. While these are all valid concerns – an things that insurance policies do cover, there is far more to travel insurance than just covering the cost of flights and possessions. One thing that many people don’t think about, perhaps because it is an unpleasant subject, is international medical flight insurance.

    If you sustain an acute, minor injury while you are away then you will likely visit a clinic, get treatment, hand over your insurance provider’s details and move on with the holiday. While no-one wants to suffer an injury, especially not on holiday, this is not too unpleasant a scenario. You lose some time, and you have to claim on your insurance, but you get to enjoy the rest of the holiday and make it home as normal.

    If you suffer a serious injury and end up needing to spend a longer period of time in hospital, however, the circumstances change. If you are not discharged before your flight home you are in a difficult situation. Do you want to continue getting treatment abroad (and if so, can you afford the bill), or would you like to come home. Most people would rather come home and get treatment in a local hospital where their loved ones can come and see them, and where they are covered by their health insurance policy.

    iStock_000008051832SmallInternational medical flight insurance covers the cost of a converted medical jet that provides end-to-end service, arranging for the pick-up of the unwell person at the remote hospital, and keeping them in a comfortable and stable condition until they make it to their home hospital. During the flight they are cared for by highly trained paramedics or nurses, and they are able to relax in what is essentially a flying private bed with all of the equipment and medication they need to take good care of them.

    These services are not something anyone ever expects to need, but it is a good idea to make sure that your insurance provider offers them, because if you do fall severely ill while you are abroad you will cherish the peace of mind of knowing that you will soon be back home with your loved ones.


    Some companies that provide air medical insurance:






    You can find a list of transport providers by visiting http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/go/health/evacuation.html


  • Finding Air Transportation News

    There are many ways of traveling in the modern world, from walking to flying in an airplane or jet. A variety of factors determine what type a person chooses because each has benefits and drawbacks. For those who are seeking ways to get from one place to another quickly, air transportation is almost always the best choice.

    Air transportation news shows that people opt to take jets for both personal and professional travel purposes. Many companies have private jets and an increasing number of private citizens around the world own their own. Not only are they faster than other forms of travel, they offer a greater sense of privacy than flying on a large airplane.

    CitationX-05Some people prefer to fly when going on vacation. It can be especially important if the amount of time available is limited. After all, nobody wants to spend half of their vacation in transit. Additionally, it allows for people to visit more exotic locations than they would be able to otherwise.

    Chartering a jet can also be incredibly romantic. Whether for a special date or to set the stage for a situation, jet travel can really increase the options available. For instance, if a man wants to propose, he could choose to take his girlfriend on a trip to a favored place. If she loves Italian food, never mind going to an Italian restaurant in town, he can charter a jet to Italy in order to pop the question.

    Air transportation news also shows other times when jet travel can be the best method of choice. Unfortunately, there are times when injured people need to get from one place to another in order to receive treatment. When you are using a private jet for medical purposes, you are usually booking a air medical flight company.

    Those who live in rural areas often do not have immediate access to state-of-the-art facilities. In the case of a traumatic accident, time can often be one of the primary factors in saving the life of a person.

    When vacationing to other areas, people often enjoy going to less traveled locations for hiking or other nature activities. In these instances an injury can also require fast transportation in order to make sure that the patient is able to get the care needed.

    There are all types of instances where jet travel is superior to other choices, these being just a few. By keeping up with the related news, anyone can determine when this is the ideal choice for their transportation needs. You can find some last minute private jet charters at a significant discount at Archive Lights.