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    Air Transportation

    Boeing Introduces the Next Generation 737

    This airplane is a modified 737-700C, Boeing C-40 Clipper that will accommodate air transport for the United States Navy. This version is incredibly popular for military and commercial customers due to its proven reliability and efficiency.

    Using the commercial platform for the 737 makes use of the performance, manufacturing processes and proven efficiencies of the current ‘Next Generation 737’ production  system. The ‘Airborne Early Warning and Control, C-40 and ‘ Boeing’s P-8 maritime patrol aircraft’ are amongst these military derivatives for the 737.

    The dependability and quality of the aircrafts are linked directly to the hardworking women and men who design and build them. To date, the orders stand at around 6,804 for the Next Generation 737’s and around 2,109 for the 737 MAXs. The total on the 737 orders have now passed 12,000 that include the Classics and over a 100 orders have been made for the military derivatives. With over 280 customers it becomes evident that the 737 is known to be the bestseller airplane worldwide.

    Trucking and Freighting News

    Statistics, Trends and Reports

    The industry for trucking is one of the main lifeblood’s of the United States economy and almost 70% of freight tonnage moved around the U.S is transported by trucks. Without this important industry along with the truck drivers the economy would stop. In order to transport over 9.2 billion of freight tons in a year, it requires around three million truck drivers along with 3 million ‘heavy duty’ Class-8 trucks. In addition it takes more around 37 billion in gallons of fuel to transport this massive amount of freight. To put it simply America would come to a halt without trucks.

    The latest trends for American trucking confirms that trucking is indeed the dominant factor for freight mode. The ATA invites every private and for-hire motor carrier to participate in the upcoming ‘Driver Compensation Study’ for 2014.
    The TRAC ( Trucking Activity Report) publishes a monthly publication along with to up to date information that is based on ongoing surveys for less-than-truckload and truckload carriers. In addition the ATA provides a monthly report on truck tonnage for banking or investment analysts. This report tracks trucking trends for business purposes.

    Rail Transportation

    San Fransisco is Said to Replace the LRV Fleet

    The ‘San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’ has suggested a purchase of around 260 S200 ‘ light rail vehicles’ from the Siemens Industry. This 15 year contract has a worth potential of around 1.2 billion once the SFMTA board grants approval.

    Siemens beat the rival bid placed by the CAF. These vehicles are set to be built at the Sacramento factory for the purpose of replacing the current Muni fleet of the Breda LRV’s and at the same time increase on the current capacity. The delivery for the first twenty four cars has been set to be released between 2016 to 2018. This will be around the time of the ‘Central Subway’ extension for the Muni’s T-Third line set for 2019. These new vehicles will be used for this line.

    The next 151 vehicles are set to be delivered between the year 2021 up to 2028 and an option for 85 more for the year 2040. These cars will have a life span of around 30 years.

    Air Medical Transport News

    International and National Air Ambulances, Choosing The Right One

    Many individuals tend to think that most air ambulance firms are all alike. However, this is far from the truth. Certain smaller service, usually operate on a part-time basis and do not own the high quality jets or even have their own staff. These smaller corporations rely on contract medical staff and pilots. They lease jets from specific leasing companies.
    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed on the services offered by these types of companies. Patients may be seen to by either inexperience or drowsy medical professionals who may have just completed a shift at another facility. The pilots may also not have the experience in the medical transport field, which means they are not familiar with commonly used medical routes. In addition, the leased aircraft may not be up to standard.

    Professional Air Ambulance Corporations Will Own Their Own Medical Jets

    lear jet on runway 300x200 Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Transport NewsThese jets are in general business class jets and are of higher quality that usually fly CEO’s and world leaders all over the world. These types of jets have names such as Gulfstream or Lear.
    These jets are designed for efficiency, comfort and safety. Patients who fly on these jets will be treated with the utmost care. This is due to the health and comfort of the patient being the most important element for these air ambulance services. These luxury jets are really nothing like some of the amateur prop planes used.

    Two other notable advantages in working with these service providers that are critical for safer medical flights. The first would be that these companies always keep their cabins fully supplied and stocks with supplies, medication and support equipment. The second would be that these companies only employ the best professional medical staff.

  • The Importance of Medical Air Transportation

    There are only a few things worse in life than requiring emergency medical assistance. Most patients would face dire situations and even pay with their lives when medical assistance doesn’t arrive on time. This is where the importance of medical air transportation comes into play. The importance of air ambulance services cannot be taken in a light vein in today’s complexed medical landscape. This article will discuss their importance in dealing with medical emergencies in the current society.

    An Efficient Option -

    There are some instances where patients need to be transported from one location to another faraway location in critical condition. It would be quite impractical to make such a trip over the road. This is when you would find medical air ambulances to be of extreme importance. It is one of the most efficient modes of patient transportation available today.

    future of air ambulances The Importance of Medical Air TransportationAir ambulances are able to offer high-quality medical care to your loved ones in a jiffy. The medical team involved in such expeditions are highly experienced and completely attuned to the individual requirements of the patient. The personal attention paid to each patient will help to provide comfort to the members of their family too. The safety and security of the patient is always considered a top priority among the medical team.

    Experience Counts -

    The members of the team involved in transporting patients are thoroughly trained and highly skilled in providing emergency medical care. They will guarantee and follow time-tested methods designed for the purpose of safe travel. Each staff member of the team possesses vast experience in handling such emergency situations, and this would help to provide peace of mind to the loved ones. This is something that the patient as well as his or her family would value the most.

    The extensive training the staff members receive will guarantee confident handling of all emergency situations that may arise during the journey. Personalized attention is paid to specific details of each patient while on the journey. The specialization such a team undertakes is quite unrivaled in the industry. The key to success in medical air transportation is to provide for each patient’s need by drawing upon experience and education.

    Organization -

    Medical air services make sure to deploy teams that are 100% organized, and who are prepared to ensure total comfort to the patient during the journey. Each and every detail about the patient will be carefully reviewed before the journey begins in order to provide the best possible care during the journey.

    The Lear Jets and Cessna Citations used by medical air transportation companies would give the rapidest transportation solutions they require the most. Patients who are in need of being transported from one location to another in the least possible time will benefit the most from the speed of these planes.

    Straightforward Service -

    One things that the medical air transportation industry is aware is the seriousness of their task. It should never be hampered by extraneous issues such as billing and other problems. These problems should not arise when it comes to emergency patient care. This is why these services usually follow a straightforward policy whereby there are no surprise expenses or charges after the journey occur.

    The service provider will guarantee that the very best treatment is provided to the patients, who require immediate medical assistance and are in the most fragile and vulnerable situation at the moment.

    The equipment used in the process is large enough to carry medical staff, luggage, equipment and the patient himself without compromising safety. Medical air transportation has evolved to become an integral part of the medical profession with time. It helps a patient under emergency situation to get the best treatment available within the shortest possible time.

    The air transportation team will offer comfort, stability and the utmost care during a patient’s requirement of the hour.  Learn more about air ambulance services and how they provide excellent intensive care in the sky by visiting http://airambulancearticles.com. They offer the highest standards in patient care and safety while guaranteeing peace of mind of the family members.

  • How Individuals With Special Needs Can Be Helped By Air Ambulance Services

    An air ambulance can do more than just transport injured individuals from an accident scene to a hospital safely and quickly. An air ambulance is also capable of moving a patient from one medical facility to a different one. This might be necessary when better treatment options are available at another facility, for example. Air ambulances are also used for transporting organs that are being used as transplants and can’t be outside of the body for too long. No matter what the purpose of a particular flight might be, what they all have in common is they involve aircraft that comes equipped with medical devices and life support, along with trained medical staff for monitoring the patient and operating the equipment.

    medical equipment on a jet 1 300x113 How Individuals With Special Needs Can Be Helped By Air Ambulance ServicesFlying in an Air Ambulance is very safe. The crews consist of highly skilled, well-trained and experienced professionals, including nurses and certified paramedics who are members of such reputable organizations as the Civil Medical Association and Medical Physicians Association. The staff is all current with the latest medical procedures and best practices in their respective areas of expertise. In addition, their certification and training in flight physiology allows them to handle virtually any type of medical incident that could take place during a flight very successfully.

    The in-flight crew’s number one priority is their patient. Comfort and safety are key. Patients are monitored constantly throughout the flight, and all of their medical needs are attended to by the in-flight nurse or paramedic that is on duty.

    Air Ambulances are usually Lear jets. These aircraft are comfortable, well equipped, and come with multiple seats that can accommodate the patient along with one or two relatives or close friends to accompany them. Lear jets feature turbo-propulsion and a twin engine, which makes them among the safest and fastest aircraft around. Special equipment like an oxygen system, stretcher and wheelchair can be accommodated on board very easily.

    Every request for air medical transport is carefully analyzed. Next, a customized offer for the request is prepared. That is how the staff of the Air Ambulance ensures that a patient will have everything he or she needs during the flight without being required to pay for things not needed or for an aircraft that is larger than necessary for their specific flight needs.

    After you get in touch with an Air Ambulance company, a specialist contacts you to learn more about your special needs for the job. The Air Ambulance dispatcher takes into consideration factors like the patient’s medical history, need for individuals to accompany the patient, necessary medical equipment and the country or city destination. This will provide the dispatcher with the information they need to provide you with a customized quote for your specific situation.

    Everything is planned out. Each detail is considered and planned for to ensure that the patient will be traveling comfortably and safely, along with having the peace of mind that in the event something does happen, the patient will be well taken care of by highly skilled professionals. This is why you should select experienced and professional air medical transport services from a company that is well established.

    It is a great honor to deliver these kinds of services to people who really need them. Air Ambulance personnel tend to be very proud of the field that they work in. They do all they can to make their patients safe and well cared for. Since it is a job of love and caring most of all, the individuals in this profession do tend to feel very at ease in doing their jobs.

  • A Guide To The Best Air Medical Transport

    Air ambulances provide a very important service of transporting seriously or critically injured patients to the hospital or other type of medical facility by air. They are primarily used in critical or emergency situations when it would not be timely or safe to transport a patient using a land ambulance. Patients must sometimes travel great distances in order to see a certain specialist or get to the right medical facility.

    An air ambulance is a type of aircraft customized to work like a critical care unit. On board are professional flight crew and specially trained medical staff who can provide critically ill or injured patients with care during the flight. Personnel might include nurses, doctors and other kinds of medical staff, including paramedics, EMTs and respiratory therapists. The specific medical personnel that is on board the air ambulance will depend on what a specific patient’s needs are. They will have training for providing care in Critical Care units and be experienced in treating extreme trauma injuries along with other types of specialized care as needed. In addition to medical staff and flight crew, patients might also have one or a couple of relatives that accompany them for the flight.

    air ambulance jet in flight 1024x385 A Guide To The Best Air Medical TransportOn board an air ambulance there will also be various types of specialized medical tools and equipment for use in emergency and critical care situations. Some of the standard equipment includes ventilators, ECG and CPR equipment, stretchers and medication. Before every flight all medical equipment is thoroughly cleaned and tested.

    The specific aircraft that is used to transport the patient varies, depending on the patient’s state of health and how far they have to travel. A helicopter is one type of air ambulance. They mainly are used to transport patients from accident scenes to local city hospitals that have trained personnel and the right equipment for dealing with severe trauma injuries. Sometimes helicopters are also used to into remote areas and pick up patients in locations that land ambulance maybe can’t access.

    For longer distance air medical trips, small prop planes or jets are used. The best aircraft for trips that are longer than 500 miles are jets. These provide faster travel times. They also don’t have to stop to add fuel as often. Also, jets can fly to high altitudes. This allows them to fly faster and also provides patients with greater comfort.

    During the flight, a patient will be constantly monitored. The type of patients that are on board an air ambulance might include cardiac patients, trauma patients, respiratory patients, patients with multiple Iv drips and critical trauma patients.


    Insurance Companies And Air Ambulance Costs

    Air ambulance services can be expensive. The cost does vary a lot, however, it costs around $10,000-$100,000 and possibly even more. That’s why it’s so important to consider getting air ambulance insurance coverage in case there is an emergency or if you happen to have any family members that are critically ill.

    Air medical transportation costs vary of course, depending on medical staff needed on board to take care of the patient, aircraft needed and traveling distance. Traveling long distance obviously entails higher fuel costs and requires a more sophisticated aircraft. Some patients that are critically ill might need more medical staff for monitoring services and providing medical care during the flight.

    Frequently private insurance companies cover costs for air ambulance transportation when they are considered “medically necessary.” Usually this is true when a doctor states that it is necessary for a patient to be transported by air to a medical facility. However, when somebody is traveling abroad and happens to become injured or ill and would like to fly home and get medical care there, the costs will not be covered by the insurance company. In terms of air ambulance costs, it’s very important knowing what your insurance company will cover and what they won’t. Air ambulance insurance is also available for travelers to purchase.

    When a patient doesn’t have proof of insurance that is sufficient, usually they will be required by air ambulance companies to make an upfront payment. That’s why having insurance to cover air ambulance services is so important. For critically ill patients or if there is an emergency, it could save tens of thousands up to one hundred thousands dollars in out-of-pocket costs.


    How To Choose An Air Insurance Company That Is Reputable

    When choosing an air ambulance company, may different factors have to be considered. Comparing several different companies is very important. Price an important factor, but there are important criteria as well, including:
    Reputation and experience of ambulance company.

    Determine how many years an air ambulance company has operated its business. Check out the safety record and also see if any lawsuits have been filed or if there is a persistent pattern of negative reviews regarding the company. Only select a company with an excellent safety record and solid reputation.


    Necessary licenses and proof of insurance

    It is federally required that any company offering air ambulance services must be FAA licensed. They need proof of insurance. All medical staff also should have relevant training and experience.


    Quality of Aircraft

    Another thing that is federally required is that all aircraft have to be FAA licensed. Whatever air ambulance company you choose needs to have the right aircraft that will fit with your specific medical circumstances. When you check the safety record of the company, be sure there aren’t any reports of malfunctioning equipment or aircraft.



    Compare the prices charged by several different air ambulance companies. Also take your insurance coverage into consideration before you make any final decisions about a service. You never want to select a service based just on price. However, it’s very important to obtain several different price quotes since prices really can vary a lot.

  • Exploding Lithium-Ion Batteries On Planes – FAA Tests

    The FAA is consistently trying to make air transportation and air medical transportation not just safer, but also add stricter flight rules and procedures when dealing with both passenger and patient transportation. It has become a concern for quite some years. In recent development, the FAA has been testing lithium-ion batteries that get heated to above normal temperatures during flight travel.

    New research shows that lithium batteries can explode and burn even more violently than previously thought, raising questions about their use and shipment on passenger airplanes.

    Because many airlines are replacing paper charts with laptops and tablet computers, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration conducted tests on what would happen if one of their rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells ignited. In one test, the cockpit filled with smoke thick enough to obscure instruments and vision out the window for about five minutes.

    In one test, a single D-size lithium non-rechargeable cell was heated in an airline shipping container. Instead of burning, it exploded with enough force to dislodge the top of the container and released significant smoke.

    An ICAO meeting summary from earlier this year revealed tests where a load of 4,800 non-rechargeable batteries in a mothballed airliner was ignited. After the test was suspended to prevent damage to the aircraft, the battery load exploded with such force that it blew the cockpit door off its hinges.

    Both types of batteries behave unpredictably when overheated or ignited, according to the latest research. Changes in manufacturing can create “substantially different” reactions, according to the FAA tests.

    “Unfortunately, the more testing we do, the more concerned we become,” Gus Sarkos, manager of the FAA’s Fire Safety Branch, said Aug. 6 at a conference in Washington sponsored by the pilots association.

    The original post can be found on Bloomberg.com

    Additional information on the FAA final rule to improve air ambulance safety can be found at http://www.faa.gov/news/press_releases/news_story.cfm?newsId=15795