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    Air Transportation

    Boeing Introduces the Next Generation 737

    This airplane is a modified 737-700C, Boeing C-40 Clipper that will accommodate air transport for the United States Navy. This version is incredibly popular for military and commercial customers due to its proven reliability and efficiency.

    Using the commercial platform for the 737 makes use of the performance, manufacturing processes and proven efficiencies of the current ‘Next Generation 737’ production  system. The ‘Airborne Early Warning and Control, C-40 and ‘ Boeing’s P-8 maritime patrol aircraft’ are amongst these military derivatives for the 737.

    The dependability and quality of the aircrafts are linked directly to the hardworking women and men who design and build them. To date, the orders stand at around 6,804 for the Next Generation 737’s and around 2,109 for the 737 MAXs. The total on the 737 orders have now passed 12,000 that include the Classics and over a 100 orders have been made for the military derivatives. With over 280 customers it becomes evident that the 737 is known to be the bestseller airplane worldwide.

    Trucking and Freighting News

    Statistics, Trends and Reports

    The industry for trucking is one of the main lifeblood’s of the United States economy and almost 70% of freight tonnage moved around the U.S is transported by trucks. Without this important industry along with the truck drivers the economy would stop. In order to transport over 9.2 billion of freight tons in a year, it requires around three million truck drivers along with 3 million ‘heavy duty’ Class-8 trucks. In addition it takes more around 37 billion in gallons of fuel to transport this massive amount of freight. To put it simply America would come to a halt without trucks.

    The latest trends for American trucking confirms that trucking is indeed the dominant factor for freight mode. The ATA invites every private and for-hire motor carrier to participate in the upcoming ‘Driver Compensation Study’ for 2014.
    The TRAC ( Trucking Activity Report) publishes a monthly publication along with to up to date information that is based on ongoing surveys for less-than-truckload and truckload carriers. In addition the ATA provides a monthly report on truck tonnage for banking or investment analysts. This report tracks trucking trends for business purposes.

    Rail Transportation

    San Fransisco is Said to Replace the LRV Fleet

    The ‘San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’ has suggested a purchase of around 260 S200 ‘ light rail vehicles’ from the Siemens Industry. This 15 year contract has a worth potential of around 1.2 billion once the SFMTA board grants approval.

    Siemens beat the rival bid placed by the CAF. These vehicles are set to be built at the Sacramento factory for the purpose of replacing the current Muni fleet of the Breda LRV’s and at the same time increase on the current capacity. The delivery for the first twenty four cars has been set to be released between 2016 to 2018. This will be around the time of the ‘Central Subway’ extension for the Muni’s T-Third line set for 2019. These new vehicles will be used for this line.

    The next 151 vehicles are set to be delivered between the year 2021 up to 2028 and an option for 85 more for the year 2040. These cars will have a life span of around 30 years.

    Air Medical Transport News

    International and National Air Ambulances, Choosing The Right One

    Many individuals tend to think that most air ambulance firms are all alike. However, this is far from the truth. Certain smaller service, usually operate on a part-time basis and do not own the high quality jets or even have their own staff. These smaller corporations rely on contract medical staff and pilots. They lease jets from specific leasing companies.
    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed on the services offered by these types of companies. Patients may be seen to by either inexperience or drowsy medical professionals who may have just completed a shift at another facility. The pilots may also not have the experience in the medical transport field, which means they are not familiar with commonly used medical routes. In addition, the leased aircraft may not be up to standard.

    Professional Air Ambulance Corporations Will Own Their Own Medical Jets

    lear jet on runway 300x200 Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Transport NewsThese jets are in general business class jets and are of higher quality that usually fly CEO’s and world leaders all over the world. These types of jets have names such as Gulfstream or Lear.
    These jets are designed for efficiency, comfort and safety. Patients who fly on these jets will be treated with the utmost care. This is due to the health and comfort of the patient being the most important element for these air ambulance services. These luxury jets are really nothing like some of the amateur prop planes used.

    Two other notable advantages in working with these service providers that are critical for safer medical flights. The first would be that these companies always keep their cabins fully supplied and stocks with supplies, medication and support equipment. The second would be that these companies only employ the best professional medical staff.

  • The Importance of Air Ambulances

    How Private Jets Play A Role In Air Medical Health Care Today

    Getting from one place to another while being ill is easier said than done. There aren’t many ways as fast as a specially crafted air ambulance that is designed to help patients remain safe and healthy during their period of transportation. These jets have been designed to handle the rigors of the flight and ensure the patient’s safety is taken into consideration from beginning to end. There are countless benefits attached to going with an air ambulance for a patient. These benefits ensure the patient is getting the level of treatment they want and deserve.



    One of the key reasons for air ambulances being a fantastic option has to do with how fast they are. Reduced travel time is essential when dealing with medical treatment options. It is important to get from one place to another as fast as possible.

    The jets are configured in a manner where there is less fuel required to fly around. The patient does not have to sit through any delays which is critical for their health. Specialists work day and night on the air ambulances to make them as effective as possible in terms of speed. This helps the patient find relief and receive the treatment required to get back to full health.



    In the end, this is one of the most important reasons for going with an air ambulance. They are effective in getting a person from place to place rapidly. Going by road is simply not feasible and does not help create an optimal route for the patient to et to their destination.

    Instead of using other modes of transportation that is highly ineffective, it is best to go with an air ambulance that is designed for speed, optimal health care, and overall quality as required. There is nothing more important than find a solution that is highly effective and does the job in an optimal fashion. From the moment the air ambulance staff make contact to the moment the patient arrives at their desired destination, the process is optimized for the patient’s comfort. All of these details are laid out right away in accordance with the patient’s personal requirements.


    Trained Professionals

    The paramedics have an incredible amount of knowledge in regards to dealing with a wide range of treatments. They are able to diagnose and implement the right treatments within a moment’s notice as needed by the patient and their specific case.

    Moving from one place to another requires a lot of patience, in this case the air ambulance and its staff are able to take care of the logistics. The professional staff ensures everything goes as smoothly as needed. The nurses and/or paramedics on board are some of the most trained professionals in the medical industry. They not only have years of experience travelling on the air ambulance, they also have years of on ground experience. They are able to provide a high level of health care services that might not be available through other modes of transportation.



    The importance of an air ambulance cannot be highlighted enough in the modern age. People who need to be transported as soon as possible cannot do so on a regular flight. The only option that has the ability to provide comfort and quality comes in the form of an air ambulance. These jets are the only option for a person that requires quality care from trained paramedics with years of experience. The benefits are endless and even leading experts believe an air ambulance is the only option people should be considering when they are looking to fly.


  • Reliable Best Medical Flights Services

    Each and every day, there are patients who are transported via air transportation for both non-emergency as well as emergency reasons. You might even find that hiring a medical flight is simply a better way to move a patient from one facility to another, such as a different state or a different country if necessary. If you are looking to hire a medical flight in the form of a jet, it is going to be important that you go with a company that is reliable and has a great reputation. After all, there is nothing more crucial than an attention to detail and safety when it comes to any sort of emergency transportation.

    King Air 200 air ambulance 300x225 Reliable Best Medical Flights ServicesThere are always different reasons why a person might need to hire a medical flight company, so it is always a good idea to cover all of your bases before setting out. This will mean making sure that your jet has all of the proper equipment along with the right medical personnel, fully prepared and ready for the task at hand. Choosing the right flight staff and discussing the needs of the patient will be the best way to ensure that everyone has a safe and uneventful trip to the chosen destination.

    While there are always different types of aircraft that can be used for medical transport, the majority of services will use small jets for longer distances. Prior to your finalized reservations, your booking coordinator should be able to go over all of the pertinent information with you including the city of destination, specific medical needs of the patient and the ways in which the staff on hand can make the patient and any companion travelers as safe and comfortable as possible during the trip. The end result should be a smooth transition for the patient from one destination facility to the next.

  • Finding Affordable Private Jets For Hire

    Given the chance, everyone would want to travel the world and see the most amazing places on earth. Many of those who do travel the world prefer using one or two travel methods to reach their destinations. If you love traveling and have the cash for all your quest, then chances are you are tired of using the same old travel methods. You can however spice up you travel needs by using private jets to tour the world. Private jets have the convenience, speed, and luxury you need while touring your favorite destinations. Although hiring a private jet for personal use may be expensive, there are jet rental companies that will take care of your pocket and budget.


    How to Identify a Reputable Private Jet Rental Company Online

    Man on private jet 011 Getty Images 150x150 Finding Affordable Private Jets For HireJet rental companies like Aviation West Charters are always advertising their services online. Making a simple search on such companies will give you more than enough choices to consider. Most of these companies have professional websites that advertise the type of jets they have, quotes and other services that they do offer. You can also get good advice on how to use these charter jets, how to save and other basic information needed to help you out. The company will also outline what insurance cover they have on their planes, and information on who and what is covered under the policies. Checking through different companies should give you an idea of how much to spend, and also find out the most appropriate company to use.


    Deciding Which Company to Use

    After looking into 4 or 5 companies that offer jets for private hire, you should be able to determine which company is best to use. Some factors such as hourly rates, diversity, charter and insurance should help you make the decision. Most companies charge between $2000 and $8000 per hour for small or ultra-long jets respectively. Depending on the mission, this rate is affordable if you need the plane for an hour or two. Alternatively, you can use companies that charge a flat fee for private charter planes. These are advantageous for long trips and vacations. You can also hire a private jet on a flat rate especially if transporting cargo or other valuables from one place to the other.

  • What Is The Best Type Of Jet For Long Distance Patient Transport?

    It sometimes becomes important when you are working in the medical industry to have access to a company that is able to do long distance transport for the patients that you have. You may run into a scenario where you have someone check into your hospital that suddenly needs expertise help that cannot be found in your area. After calling around, you may find that these companies actually operate several thousand miles away. You need to have access to a company that is able to provide reliable long distance patient transport so that you can help these individuals as soon as possible.


    Searching For Long-Distance Transport Companies

    air ambulance jet Taking off medical transport 300x112 What Is The Best Type Of Jet For Long Distance Patient Transport?When you begin your search for these companies, it should begin with contacting individuals or companies that are in your industry. Most of them will have a long term relationship with companies that have been providing them with long-distance transport services, and can probably do the same for you. If you would prefer doing your own research, and you are not happy with the companies that you have heard of in the area, you might want to search for new long-distance transport companies on the web that might be able to provide you with a better service.


    Qualities To Look For With Long-Distance Transport Businesses

    The best businesses will have access to twin engine aircraft or turbo prop aircraft for distances up to 1000 miles. If you have to go further, they need to have jet aircraft that are able to accommodate the people that will be traveling on the flight, which can last for several hours, in order to get the patient and other occupants to the destination in a safe and prompt manner. Some of the equipment that should be standard on these aircraft include devices that can help monitor their heart rate, offer the latest medical treatments that are possible while airborne, and any other equipment that is necessary to keep them stable until they reach their destination.

    When choosing one of these aircraft, and the companies that provide this type of service, you simply have to use one that can effectively get your patient from one place to the other with the best possible medical care. By contacting the ones that you find in asking about the services that they provide, you will be able to get your patients that help that they need.

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