• Keeping Up To Date With The Latest Transport News

    If you are one of the many people who loves to keep up to date with the latest transport news. You can access this information and find out all you need to know on the latest news on air transportation, trucking and freight news, rail transportation and air medical transportation.

    Air Transportation

    Boeing Introduces the Next Generation 737

    This airplane is a modified 737-700C, Boeing C-40 Clipper that will accommodate air transport for the United States Navy. This version is incredibly popular for military and commercial customers due to its proven reliability and efficiency.

    Using the commercial platform for the 737 makes use of the performance, manufacturing processes and proven efficiencies of the current ‘Next Generation 737’ production  system. The ‘Airborne Early Warning and Control, C-40 and ‘ Boeing’s P-8 maritime patrol aircraft’ are amongst these military derivatives for the 737.

    The dependability and quality of the aircrafts are linked directly to the hardworking women and men who design and build them. To date, the orders stand at around 6,804 for the Next Generation 737’s and around 2,109 for the 737 MAXs. The total on the 737 orders have now passed 12,000 that include the Classics and over a 100 orders have been made for the military derivatives. With over 280 customers it becomes evident that the 737 is known to be the bestseller airplane worldwide.

    Trucking and Freighting News

    Statistics, Trends and Reports

    The industry for trucking is one of the main lifeblood’s of the United States economy and almost 70% of freight tonnage moved around the U.S is transported by trucks. Without this important industry along with the truck drivers the economy would stop. In order to transport over 9.2 billion of freight tons in a year, it requires around three million truck drivers along with 3 million ‘heavy duty’ Class-8 trucks. In addition it takes more around 37 billion in gallons of fuel to transport this massive amount of freight. To put it simply America would come to a halt without trucks.

    The latest trends for American trucking confirms that trucking is indeed the dominant factor for freight mode. The ATA invites every private and for-hire motor carrier to participate in the upcoming ‘Driver Compensation Study’ for 2014.
    The TRAC ( Trucking Activity Report) publishes a monthly publication along with to up to date information that is based on ongoing surveys for less-than-truckload and truckload carriers. In addition the ATA provides a monthly report on truck tonnage for banking or investment analysts. This report tracks trucking trends for business purposes.

    Rail Transportation

    San Fransisco is Said to Replace the LRV Fleet

    The ‘San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’ has suggested a purchase of around 260 S200 ‘ light rail vehicles’ from the Siemens Industry. This 15 year contract has a worth potential of around 1.2 billion once the SFMTA board grants approval.

    Siemens beat the rival bid placed by the CAF. These vehicles are set to be built at the Sacramento factory for the purpose of replacing the current Muni fleet of the Breda LRV’s and at the same time increase on the current capacity. The delivery for the first twenty four cars has been set to be released between 2016 to 2018. This will be around the time of the ‘Central Subway’ extension for the Muni’s T-Third line set for 2019. These new vehicles will be used for this line.

    The next 151 vehicles are set to be delivered between the year 2021 up to 2028 and an option for 85 more for the year 2040. These cars will have a life span of around 30 years.

    Air Medical Transport News

    International and National Air Ambulances, Choosing The Right One

    Many individuals tend to think that most air ambulance firms are all alike. However, this is far from the truth. Certain smaller service, usually operate on a part-time basis and do not own the high quality jets or even have their own staff. These smaller corporations rely on contract medical staff and pilots. They lease jets from specific leasing companies.
    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed on the services offered by these types of companies. Patients may be seen to by either inexperience or drowsy medical professionals who may have just completed a shift at another facility. The pilots may also not have the experience in the medical transport field, which means they are not familiar with commonly used medical routes. In addition, the leased aircraft may not be up to standard.

    Professional Air Ambulance Corporations Will Own Their Own Medical Jets

    lear_jet_on_runwayThese jets are in general business class jets and are of higher quality that usually fly CEO’s and world leaders all over the world. These types of jets have names such as Gulfstream or Lear.
    These jets are designed for efficiency, comfort and safety. Patients who fly on these jets will be treated with the utmost care. This is due to the health and comfort of the patient being the most important element for these air ambulance services. These luxury jets are really nothing like some of the amateur prop planes used.

    Two other notable advantages in working with these service providers that are critical for safer medical flights. The first would be that these companies always keep their cabins fully supplied and stocks with supplies, medication and support equipment. The second would be that these companies only employ the best professional medical staff.

  • The Needs Of A Patient On An Air Ambulance

    What Are Your Needs As A Patient On A Medical Flight

    Air ambulance services are extremely popular nowadays and are becoming a very valuable service. They are used to transport medically ill seniors and other patients to faraway medical facilities. Air ambulances are best used to transport patients between destinations of more than 250 miles on average. Medical flights are equipped with the latest medical equipment, state of the art cabin facilities and qualified and experienced medical staff. They will take care of all the needs of a patient while onboard a medical flight.

    Lear_internal_image_with_medical_equipmentThe needs of a patient onboard an air ambulance could be numerous. There may be many medical conditions and critical situations that would warrant for the calling of an air ambulance. Each patient’s case may be quite different to each other. Sometimes, the patient’s doctor may feel that he or she is not fit to travel by regular airlines due to various medical needs. Such situations would warrant for an air ambulance service.

    Patients that require constant medical monitoring and the usage of specialized medical equipment during air travel are great candidates for air ambulances. In fact, there is no other way for a sick person to travel in comfort while getting all the medical care other than traveling in an air ambulance. When a patient is competing with time in order to save his or her life, conventional air travel will not be enough to safely transport a patient to his or her destination. This is why you need to seriously consider choosing an air ambulance jet during such times.

    The patient’s need on an air ambulance may vary according to the health condition of the person. Patients undergoing respiratory conditions may require ventilators, patients undergoing neurological conditions will need intra cranial monitoring, patients with multiple IV drips and Obstetric patients requiring intensive care are common patient’s needs these days. Air ambulance service were thought to be helicopters that flew accident victims from the scene of the accident to the nearest hospital. But these medical flights have come a long way from such a narrow description. On the contrary, medical flights would provide far more services than the aforementioned. Air ambulances are usually helicopters but include many other aircraft such as Lear Jets and Turboprops. This is the importance of hiring a high quality air ambulance service provider to cater to all your needs.

    The aforementioned is a comprehensive overview of the needs of a patient on an air ambulance.

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  • The Importance Of Private Jet Maintenance

    One thing that you should think about when deciding whether to get a private jet is the maintenance schedule. You have to know whether the maintenance was done well since this will contribute to the level of patient care. It may seem strange, but patient care and private jet maintenance sometimes go hand-in-hand. Here are some things that are usually done to keep a private jet in great working order.


    Inspections That are Done Regularly

    One important part of regular maintenance is inspecting the vehicle regularly, preferably each hour. It is also necessary to do checks weekly. Checking on private jets regularly ensures that everything is working as it should and there will be no incidents while passengers are being transported.

    If there are any problems noted when the checks are made, the let is taken out of commission in order to get things back in working condition. Patients should not expect anything less from a solid, reliable private jet company.


    Light And Heavy Maintenance

    There are all types of services needed to keep a private jet working smoothly. There are minimal jobs done that optimize the speed and provide comfort, and more extensive work is done in order to repair things that are not working as they should.

    Granted, it is not usually necessary for companies to do heavy maintenance all the time, but light maintenance is most certainly an integral part of operating a jet. Make sure that you inquire about this when you are looking for a private jet.

    Again, a quality company will do everything needed to make sure that impeccable service is provided to the clients. This includes everything from having the right equipment to guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable flight.

    Every part of the jet is checked by people who are trained well and ready to ensure safety. It is necessary for these checks to be done on a fairly regular basis.

    This is just a small idea of what should be done before taking passengers on a private jet. As was mentioned above, all of the people hired to maintain planes have the skills necessary to make sure that everything is in good shape. This is not something that is done once in a while, or for a short time. It is necessary to adhere to a tight maintenance schedule for the life of the plane. Every time a patient steps on board, they should be prepared for a great experience.

    Private jets are used as air ambulances and medical flights, now you understand the importance of jet maintenance. Visit www.medicalflightguide.com/ to read this guide and the jet maintenance guide.

  • What Kind Of Credentials Should An Air Ambulance Company Have?

    An air ambulance company provides critical transport services to those who require special medical attention and monitoring during the flight. In this environment, the medical personnel must be at the ready at all times to respond to any medical emergencies that may arise while the passenger is in flight. When choosing the right air ambulance company for your needs, you should make sure that the company has the appropriate credentials to offer this type of service.

    interior_lear_jet_image_medical_equipment_spaciousThe type of credentials held may be different from company to company because of the geographic coverage of the service. To operate in the U.S., a Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration is required. This certifies that the company complies with the FAA regulations that it has direct control over its operations. Compare this with air ambulances who operate through a brokerage service which would not qualify for this certificate.

    The company should have a current license from its home state’s department of health granting the right to operate an emergency air ambulance. The company should have any other state registrations and licensees that will allow them to provide emergency medical services.

    Proof of aviation insurance is necessary. The nature of this type of service puts the company in a position of high liability. If anything happens to the passenger while under their care, the company must be fully insured to cover their liability.

    The company should have a certificate of operations specifications from the FAA with an effective date. This certificate signifies that the FAA has granted approval to the company for their operations under the specifications that it had listed.

    If the company has a foreign branch, it will need to obtain a license from the country as well. Some credentials are voluntary, like the accreditation from the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI), which holds the flight crew to a higher standard of service to the patient at all times during the transport. Another larger accreditation is holding a gold or platinum status with ARGUS International.

    Taylors Story Angel Flight WestNot all air ambulance companies will have the required credentials. In order to ensure that you are using an air ambulance who adheres to the highest standards, you should always ask about its credential and licenses before you sign on with the outfit.

    When the life of someone you care about depends on his safe transport from one place to another, you should want nothing but the best in air ambulance services. Be sure to do your research the companies carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

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  • FAA Changes Medical Flight Rules

    Flight rules for medical flights used to be very loose and often would be up to the individual company to set their own rules in place. However, the FAA has recently stepped in and introduced rules that are going to impact the medical flight community quite a bit. Here is a few of the changes that people are going to find as helpful in getting to have the assurance that the medical flights they may have to take are going to be good and help ensure their safety.

    IndianapolisTighter flight rules is one of the major changes that were made in the rules that are going to impact the medical flights. While the medical flights are usually able to fly during almost any type of weather. However, one of the major changes that are being made is the medical flights will have tighter rules governing them and have to communicate better than what they had been in the past. So people will find they need to consider this as a factor when they are looking at the safety of the medical flights and how the rules have been changed to increase the safety.

    A second rule change that is impacting on the medical flights is the weather that they are going to be allowed to fly in. Sometimes people will think that the medical flights are fully equipped for flying in the hazardous weather, but sometimes the medical flights are not properly equipped for flying in the weather. This is when people should know about the changes that are requiring certain types of safety products on the medical flights to guarantee they are going to be able to fly safely in the hazardous weather they are facing. Without this, people could have problems in resting easy when the medical flights are coming out to get them in the hazardous weather because the helicopters may not be flying in the right conditions.

    Medical flights are some of the best ways for people to get to a higher level of treatment for a condition they have. This is when people should know more about the changes that the FAA has made to the medical flight rules that they have to abide by. By knowing about these rule changes people will feel safe taking the flights and know that they are properly protected from any type of accidents happening because of the lack of safety in place.