Do you feel like a walking and talking dollar sign in this state? That’s all this country and state thinks about it the loss of million dollars. How about us when we lose trillions of dollars that we pay for with illegals getting free education, housing, food stamps, social security and they are in our country illegally and our own government turns it’s head when we complain and doesn’t respond at all. Foreign countries in fact 7 out of 12 get hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid, including China and Iran. But our government then cries “we are broke, so we can’t give seniors social security increases” first it was one year now it’s going on 3 years. We never hear from the government how much in trillions they take in on revenue, it’s all a big secret but as soon as they help americans we become the dollar sign and we hear how much they lost. This is one of the worse administrations in history. Obama and his wife take vacation after vacation costing millions to american tax payers. Obama’s wife takes family and relatives to Africa on vacation costing us millions. Yet our government turns on americans and starts cutting us. To me this is a dictatorship or communism. This is not the country and government that was created by our forefathers. This is the new world rule. They live like the royal kings of the past while we live off of bread and water. I want to know why do they pander to the Mexicans. I’m sick and tired of this. Why not the italians, polish and germans? Why are we allowing this makes me sick to my stomach. We are weak and say nothing so the new world government is right

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