BETHLEHEM — The second-in-command at the town Highway Department earned more in overtime and overall pay than any other highway worker over at least the past three years, including his boss: his father.

Gregg Sagendorph Jr. racked up more than half his income in overtime in 2008, 2009 and 2010, receiving a total of about $100,000 annually, according to payroll records obtained by the Times Union.

Sagendorph, 35, has worked full-time in the department for almost 15 years. Town officials told the Times Union pay records were most readily available for the three years only.

His father, Gregg Sagendorph, has been the elected highway superintendent since 1991. Sagendorph, whose salary for 2008-10 has ranged from $91,787 to $95,337, does not receive overtime pay. He hired his oldest son right out of college.

Sagendorph Jr. as Foreman II oversees nearly 60 employees. He was the second-biggest overtime earner among all town employees in 2010, as the Times Union reported last month. That year he earned $62,874 in standard income, which is defined as base pay and additional pay for seniority and other stipulations. His overtime pay of more than half that amount brought his total earnings to $97,802.

In 2009, he made $62,220 in wages and $38,365 in overtime, and in 2008, he got $41,166 in overtime — nearly 70 percent of his $59,955 standard income.

In an interview Monday, the older Sagendorph said his son has been paid and promoted because of his skill. “Gregg Jr. is the most qualified person to be second-in-command here at the highway department,” the father said.

He said his son’s job has overtime built into its schedule. He also said overtime, which he approves in advance, is assigned based “on what task needs to be done and availability.”

Sagendorph Jr. said he arrives before the other workers and leaves later and averages at least 10 hours a day. Photos of his punch

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