PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Governor Chafee said Tuesday that he is looking into the possibility that the state might issue driver’s licenses or driving permits to illegal immigrants.

Responding to questions about a vote by the Board of Governors for Higher Education to approve in-state rates for undocumented students, Chafee said being able to drive would help people who need transportation to go to school or work or to look for work.

He said has spoken with officials in Utah, which he said is the only state that has established a special class of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

“I’m working on it,” he said.




So help me out, free K-12 education, now in-state tuition, possible RI driver licenses, free hospital and clinic care, under the table and paying NO TAXES…and why would they want to become citizens until they REALLY NEED TO??? Just a thought from a pretty left leaning guy….

KING CHAFEE MUST GO!! before it’s too late.

Has this Governor completely lost trac of what he is suppose to do. After illegals are given driving rights,whats next free social security?

And thus he will allow voter fraud to continue. What a smooth way to get around the new law requiring ID to vote. Maybe gump aint som dumb after all.

Of course he does!!!

Chafee wants to help his “undocumented” buddies drive to “school” or

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